Helping Others Through Pornography & Sexual Addiction
An Evening with the professionals at LifeSTAR
June 3 — 7:30 PM
June 10 — 7:30 PM
June 17 — 7:30 PM
Each session will focus on a different topic. attend as many as you would like in-person or watch online

Todd Olson, LCSW

Todd is the founder of LifeSTAR and is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, and trauma processing. He has a master's degree in social work and has been treating sex addiction for over 30 years.

Steve Shields, CMHC (Intern)

Steve started his personal recovery journey from intense sexual addiction in April of 2014. In working recovery, he saw a need for more people to open about their recovery process to spread hope. In January of 2016, he founded Unashamed Unafraid a non-profit organization that shares recovery stories, spreads hope, and creates scholarships for recovery resources. As Steve's desire to help others in recovery grew, he moved to become a full-time therapist and started at LifeSTAR in January of 2020. His passion is to help those who struggle with addiction and trauma find hope and heal as he knows they can. 

Kurt Francom

Kurt is the Executive Director of Leading Saints and will host these sessions.
What You'll Learn at the June 10th Event:

How to Support the Spouse of Those Who Have Disclosed Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

  • Understanding the true trauma a spouse experiences once an addiction is revealed.
  • Common pitfalls of a spouse trying to help their spouse in recovery
  • How to truly heal and restore trust in a betrayed relationship

Questions & Answers

All in attendance (both in-person & online) will have the opportunity to ask questions.
Previous Session Topics:

How to Help Individuals Disclose Inappropriate Sexual Behavior to their Spouse & Church Leader in order to enter recovery

  • Why addicts try to maintain control by only telling part of the truth (Spotlighting)
  • Why professional therapists are helpful in the disclosure process
  • How to help an individual feel safe discussing their issue with a church leader

Real Life Recovery Stories from the Bennett and Chavez Families  

  • Listen to real life stories about how church leaders best helped these individuals reach recovery 
  • Stories of how to navigate when a spouses church membership is removed
  • Learn how they healed their marriage with the help of their church leader
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